American Staffordshire Terriër Royanna BOS and BOB and Res. BEST In Group 3 Judge in the Breed and the group is Dhr. C. Stefanescu (RO).

American Staffordshire Terriër Multi Champion Old Hickory Miss-Myrna Res. Best Female the Judge Dhr. C. Stefanescu (RO).

American Cocker Spaniël Boduf Divine Right Of Afterglow BOB Youht and selected in the main ring the Judge in the breed Mevr. V. Boesmans (BE) the Judge in the main ring: Mevr. L. De Ridder (BE).

American Cocker Spaniël Royalty Inc. Beat It BOB and BIG 8 and Res.BEST In Show the judge for the breed Mevr. V. Boesmans (BE) the Judge in Group 8: Dhr. A. Korozs (HU) and the judge best in show: Dhr. H. O’Donoghue (IE).

American Cocker Spaniel Royalty Inc. Cheers Matey BOB Puppy and selected in the main ring Judge in the breed Mevr. V.Boesmans (BE) the judge in the main ring: Dhr. N. Deschuymere (BE).

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Thank you Elly Vervoort for training you’re dog!!

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American Cocker Spaniël Galaksi Another One Bites The Dust BOB Baby and selected in the main ring. The Judge in the breed: Mevr. K. Sjong (DK) and the Judge in the main ring: Mevr. I. Hectors (BE).

American Cocker Spaniël Royalty Inc. Cheers Matey BOS Baby the Judge: Mevr. K. Sjong (DK).

Weimaraner Long-Haired CH. Ioulos Van ‘T Weimeland BOB the Judge: Mevr. D. Carroll (IE).

Dogue de Bordeaux Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy Res. Best In Group 2. The judge in the main ring: Dhr. P. Roosenboom (BE).

Cane Corso Apriori Best Bogdan 3e Best Youht of Group 2 the Judge: Dhr. V. Raamsdonk (BE)

American Akita Dynamic Force Cosmopolitan BOS Baby the Judge: Mevr. M. Heine (DE)

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3 days of showing at the International Dogshow Wijchen (NL)

First day 10/12/2011
Junior Handling: 2nd place thanks to the owners of Arturo!

Old Hickory Mister Renato 2e place!
Old Hickory Royanna BOB,BIG 3 BIS 3e place!
Old Hickory Miss Myrna 1e place Champion-Class!

Social Giant Thunder Res. CAC/CACIB!

Second day 11/12/2011
Junior Handling: 2nd place thanks to Rachel and Hanno!

Ietske 1st place Intermedierre!

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International Dogshow Rotterdam

Judge: Mr. Colm Hastings (IE)
Ch. Fernando Red Devil Av Showmann, #1 Excellent, BOB & BIG3

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Saturday 20-08-2011

International Show

Judge: Mrs. Kerstin Buss (D)
Old Hickory Mister-Renato, Intermediate class males, Res. CAC, CACIB.
Royanna, Youth class bitches, #1 and Best Youth Dog.
Old Hickory Miss-Myrna, Champion class bitches, BOB and Best Terrier of the Day.

National Show
Judge: Mr. Willi Gullix (D)
Lord Of Bulls One Of A Kind, Open class bitches, #2

International and National Show Junior Handling
Australian Shepherd:
Judge: Ms. Tanja Backes (D)
Trulyawesome Pow Wow, Best Junior Handling of the Day, thank you Fred that your dog could show.

Sunday 21-08-2011

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Saturday 23-07-2011
Judge: Mr. Harry Vella (MLT)
Old Hickory Mister-Renato, intermediate class dog: CAC & CACIB
Royanna, yought class bitch: BOB
Old Hickory Miss-Myrna, champion class bitch: CAC & CACIB

Sunday 24-07-2011

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World Dog Show Paris results
Thursday July 7:
Last 6 Intermediate class males,
2nd Champion class bitches.

World Veteran Winner 2011 with Paco off the Keepers Nightdog (World Winner 2004 Brasil),  Best Veteran and the title!
4th Youth class bitches with Lord Of Bulls One Of A Kind

Friday July 8:
Last 8 Intermediate class males,
Last 5 Champion class bitches.

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One day to go to the World Dog Show Paris!!
I am going to handle a lot of breeds: Bullmastiff, Am-Staff, Siberian Husky , American Akita, Dash Dogs , German Short Haired Standard.

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