My name is Naomi van Mourik, born in The Netherlands on June 18, 1996. My hobby is to show dogs in the showring. I started at the age of 9 years with child-dogshows. I was always looking at the Pedigree Junior Handling and wanted to participate but I was to young. Since I am old enough I participate in the Junior Handling shows and I like it very much. This year I represented the Netherlands at Crufts, this was a dream coming true. When I was placed 2, me and my family were very happy with this great result!

I also do ringtraining two or three times a week, with Bernard Schouten, where it all began. Thanks Bernard for all your help and wise counsel. I also train with Kruisland with Annette Wijnsouw, Suus Stoppelberg and Merijn van Iersel, this people have much experience in different varieties. I’ve learned a lot from them, Thanks!

I show the varieties Bullmastiff and French Bulldog that we own, but in the last years I showed many, many breeds, including:

  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier [Mathilde] of Paul Bakker
  • Spin Ones Italiano [Joost] of Anette Wijnsouw
  • Golden Retriever [Dime] of Anita Cremers
  • Dwergsnauzer [Vamos] of Sjanelle Hartjes
  • Teckel [Supreme] of Roel and Angelique de Kunder.

Thanks to you all for trusting me with your dogs!

In the future I want to keep on learning more about handling en grooming showdogs. On this page you can read all about my results on dogshows in the Netherlands and abroad. If you have a question for me, feel free to ask me.


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