World Veteran Winner at the WDS Paris

World Dog Show Paris results
Thursday July 7:
Last 6 Intermediate class males,
2nd Champion class bitches.

World Veteran Winner 2011 with Paco off the Keepers Nightdog (World Winner 2004 Brasil),  Best Veteran and the title!
4th Youth class bitches with Lord Of Bulls One Of A Kind

Friday July 8:
Last 8 Intermediate class males,
Last 5 Champion class bitches.

Siberische Husky:
2nd male.

Saturday July 9:
American Akita:
2nd Open class males.

Siberische Husky:
World Youth Winner 2011, 1st Youth class males.

Sunday July 10:
German Wire-Haired Pointing Dog:
2nd Champion class males,
2nd Champion class bitches.

Selected for The Netherlands in the final, but not placed.
I handled a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, with special thanks to Francesca, Hugo and Alice.

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